Students Welfare Services   

Academic Counseling

Academic counseling is provided through the Administration, Faculty and Director for Student Activities and Welfare.


Light meals and snacks are available in the College cafeteria from 09.00 a.m. to 06.00 p.m. Students are not allowed to take any food or drinks into the classrooms, laboratories or library.

Cultural and Social Activities

Activities include social and environmental symposia, lectures and educational meetings. Orientation meetings and graduation ceremonies are organized annually. Sports day, Cultural Day, Fresher’s Party, Farewell &Alumni Meets are annual events organized by the students reflecting there management skills and persona.

Industrial Visits and Outbound Visit

Outbound Visit is a part of the Induction Program, where the students before starting their academic journey are given a feel of management education with management activities outside the institute. Every year Industrial Visits are organized by the students with approval and assistance from the Institute. This not only provides students with insights of the real industry / market functioning but also enhances their organizing and planning capabilities.

Recreation and Sports Activities

The Institute encourages extra-curricular activities outside the class room that enrich cultural, physical and social life of students in the campus. The facilities for outdoor games like cricket, hockey and indoor games like snooker, chess, carom, table tennis, badminton, etc are also provided in the institute in accordance to the timetable scheduled for lectures.


A library consisting of various reference books, national newspapers in English and Hindi, journals and periodicals, HBR case lets are being subscribed to along with several business and social magazines.

Personality Development

Special programs and lectures are arranged from time to time for the personality development of students. Several competitions like elocution, debate, essay writing, etc. are also organized.

Computer Facilities

The Institute has well-developed computer facilities. Every student has access to computer and internet for academic matters.

Campus Interviews

Companies related to the industry are encouraged from time to time for conducting campus interviews of the MMS Graduates. Various companies along with Summer Internships provide competitive job opportunities to the young post graduates.

Students Forum

There are several forums and committees in GNVSIOM. The Student Council acts as an overarching body that ensures coordination and cooperation of all the forums and committees operating in the institute.

Research Activities

Students are encouraged to carry out research activities – individually as well as under guidance of their respective Faculties.