Director's Message   

Dr. Raman Saily


The severe economic recession globally is quite dismal and alarming for business and economies. However, India has courageously braved the storm and set its own mark that is an example by itself for the American and European world. Our economy is not only dynamic but also attracting several businesses leading to transnational mergers and acquisitions. Most of the firms are not only eyeing at India as their destinations for cost-friendly manufacturing but also as their destinations for future businesses.

The new economic reforms, changes in GDP’s and swift globalization have created a huge demand for competent quality managers and this is bound to increase in geometric progression in various industrial segments. The mammoth demand for dynamic & enterprising managers and business leaders with a global perspective who have the ability to manage the changes in diverse situations of varying scales combined with the capability to excel in all such demanding situations with passion and impeccable virtue are sure to escalate.

Such demanding scenarios require mangers to be groomed and polished by B-schools of excellence, quality & sound value systems. We want to cater to the needs of the medium as well as the big industries that seek for trained and robust managerial talents.

GNVS Institute of management welcomes competent & enthusiastic students for admission to its Masters in Management Studies (M.M.S) two-year course of Mumbai University.

We are proud of our efficient & competent faculty, chosen from the best and recognized practitioners, the Industries and the academia.

We ensure that our students should be the torch bearers of our values and epitomes of personal integrity, respect, and performance.